Unex Group was established in 1992 and today, after more than two decades and 20,000 campaigns, we approach every professional challenge with the same enthusiasm and passion as on the first day. The formula is simple: we are doing what we love and we believe that the future belongs to those who dare.
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Today, Unex Group consists of 85 hard-working marketing professionals and more than 80 satisfied clients. Our governing thought – Power of Unity – is not just another eye-catching slogan, but our mission and vision that we implement daily, in synergy with our clients with whom together we create and realize successful business ideas, as well as through the joint work of our four divisions…

Unex Media – the first marketing agency for leasing and media planning, with a regional network of agencies.

Havas Worldwide Zagreb – the creative department which has the same passion for a regional campaign, which has been simultaneously launched in 6 markets, as for the little wobbler.

Doctype – an expert team for integrated digital solutions and our youngest division. Let`s be completely honest – if you`re not online, you don`t exist.

Unex Communications – our PR department will come up with and carry out the perfect promotional campaign, organize an unforgettable event or create your PR plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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Unex Media is a team of experts specialized in the field of lease and media planning, market research and strategic planning.

From its founding, Unex Media has continuously been strengthening its position in the above-mentioned fields. Today, we are proud to point out that, in terms of revenue, for five years in a row we have retained our leading position. Since 2010, Unex Media has expanded to the regional markets, opening branches in Sarajevo and Belgrade.

Currently, our media department employs more than 45 professionals and serves more than 60 Croatian and regional clients on a daily basis.


Media Planning

Based on our clients’ briefings and goals we develop customized media strategies and targeted media solutions. Unex Media merges traditional media planning with up-to-date expertise in the fields of digital media, location-based media and research. We are aiming beyond ordinary media planning – viewing the big picture considering paid, owned and earned media channels. Our spectrum of services embraces innovative strategies that not only meet traditional media KPIs, but also ensure that our clients reach their set sales targets. We will make your media investment more efficient!

Media Buying

Unex Media offers you the best media value for your money! Data brings intelligence to our media buying efforts and we’ve devoted our smart operations to best leveraging data at every step of our process. As the market-leading media agency we offer optimum conditions and our negotiations are structured around the individual needs of our clients. Beside our transparent and client-involved negotiation process we are media-neutral, flexible and gain additional savings through market intelligence and not just scale.

Media Research

We have access to all available media market research tools and data. In addition we offer our clients locally conducted Ad hoc qualitative research and insights. Furthermore our in-house research specialists conduct analysis of target audiences regarding their behavior, attitude, media consumption and others. Unex Media research department consistently follows the latest market and media trends.

Media Location

At Unex Media we also offer location optimized advertising, for example for retail clients. Based on available geo-location data we exactly place your advertising message at the right location. We make sure that all our clients receive the optimal planning and controlling of their regional and local campaigns. The relevant insights are gained through microanalyses of customer structures and observation of their media use and buying behavior which finally results into location optimized media planning.

Media Branding

Place your Brand in the ideal environment with Product Placement, Advertorials, Sponsorships etc. and other tailored creative elements/creative media solutions. Your brands could for example profit from the image and support of TV productions or demonstrate their full effect in the right sponsorship or event atmosphere. Unex media analysis the potential environments and suggests the perfect appearance. We keep track of the latest TV formats, advertising formats and productions and finally take care about the co-ordination and arrangement between producers and media.

Media Momentum

This is our special offer for our clients looking for the additional drive for their brands leading them to the next level. We are experienced in the field of Sport, Entertainment, Events, Sampling, Flash-mob, Guerilla Media, etc. In addition we have significant knowledge. Last but not least we are also working together with Start-up companies helping their new products or services to gain awareness and achieve a successful launch on the market.


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Doctype is a specialized Unex Group department for integrated digital solutions. Creative individuals, developers and account managers form a professional team that creates successful marketing campaigns, provides innovative web solutions and implements the latest technologies that are for the future and for those who wish to be ready when it comes.

The knowledge and expertise of the interdisciplinary team, supported by years of experience, result in efficient and useful all-around solutions that convert each project into an achieved vision, both ours and yours.

Read more on www.doctype.hr



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Havas Worldwide Zagreb is a part of the global agency network Havas Worldwide, a leading integrated marketing communications agency network and the first agency to be named in the same year Global Agency of the Year by the magazines Advertising Age and Campaign. Havas Worldwide network consists of 11,000 employees in 316 offices in 120 cities and 75 countries.

The core business of the Havas Worldwide Zagreb division is developing communication and creative strategies as well as accompanying ATL and BTL activities.

Advertising is based on communication. Besides substantial professional knowledge, creativity is an essential part of the job. We know how to identify key messages, but also how to communicate them to the target groups and the public.



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ATL and BTL campaigns

Unex Communications is a specialized department for all kinds of promotional and PR activities. Today, after a rapid growth, it is recognized as an expert on events and a reliable partner for PR activities.

It is a department with a wealth of experience in organizing all types of humanitarian and commercial events, concerts, store and factory openings, events related to product launching, press conferences and other events for domestic and foreign clients.

Strategic consulting, Change Management Consulting and crisis counseling are only some of the services we provide. We conduct all kinds of corporate communications for our clients, including various public communication channels: media, stakeholders, and business, financial, internal and general public. In cooperation with our clients, we develop strategies, short-term and long-term communication plans and the framework for corporate social responsibility (CSR). We organize and conduct different kinds of training and education, both for smaller and larger groups, as well as for individuals.



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